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The ArcheAge Crafting Calculator is a project I’ve been working on for quite a while. It’s greatly grown in scope over the last year, and while crude and still in what I’d consider its early stages of development, it is a project I’ve grown to be happy with, and one that’s served me well as an ArcheAge: Unchained player.

This project has been publicly available as a paid app on the Microsoft Store for quite a while now, but I hadn’t really talked about it at all. As such and given the recent release of the new Fresh Start servers in ArcheAge: Unchained, I figured I should change that.

So what exactly is this calculator?

Quite simply – a crafting calculator for the game ArcheAge, supporting optimal path calculation, and including Auction House profit, profit/labour and total labour costs, as well as proficiency labour reduction support.

Optimal crafting path determined by the calculator for an Erenor Hood
Example of the proficiency labour reduction support.

I originally started work on this tool because I didn’t like having to depend on online-only tools by third parties in this case, While that third party tool was excellent and extensively used by the ArcheAge community, it did eventually go down, and since I already had a half-working prototype, I decided to keep working on it until it was usable. It has since been updated countless times, with new features and bugfixes.

Originally, you would’ve had to manually select a breakdown for each recipe as the calculator had no concept of price calculations – all it did was recursively break down a recipe into its chosen breakdown options and build a table with item values to be displayed to the user. Now, this tool is capable of using component value data to determine which crafting path is the cheapest – even accounting for outdated price information, as the calculator will ask the user to update any item prices older than a week if need be.

Another feature I find rather useful is the support for any input/output modules – I’ve personally only made 2 such modules so far, one using the terminal for input/output, and one using Discord instead. Implementing other such frontends is therefore made extremely simple, and when the project is more mature, I’d like to make frontends for other platforms – namely Telegram, but also a proper web interface, along with a mobile app. I also intend to change the desktop client application and modularise it – give it plugin support so anyone can extend the project – as is, the backend of the project is already decently modular, but the frontend is just a hardcoded console application with Discord support.

Discord output mode, as seen on the Ardenia East Discord server (split into blocks due to the 2000 character limit on Discord).

As for upcoming features, I’m going to replace the pseudo-scripting engine with a real Lua interpreter to allow users to script whatever functionality they want.

Platform support and Downloads

This application is currently available for Windows and Linux but is only publicly available for Windows 10/11 on the Microsoft Store as of now. This will change once I determine this project is mature enough.

You can download the current Windows desktop alpha release of the ArcheAge Crafting Calculator from the Microsoft Store for 0.99€ (ArcheAge Crafting Calculator – Microsoft Store Apps).

You can’t currently get the Linux/cross-platform builds, but this will change, again, once the project is mature enough. Get in contact with me if you’re interested, though!


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