VitaShell One-Click Installer

Published by gnmmarechal on

This is a tiny app I made a long while ago that replaces Near with VitaShell. This is meant to serve as a backup option in case you lose VitaShell and are left stuck without a way of reinstalling it. This permanent VitaShell will survive system formats, as it is installed to the vs0: partition.

The idea was taken from the way we used to install FBI onto the Nintendo 3DS a long while ago, where it’d be injected into the Health & Safety app.

You can find the source code in the GitHub repository below.


  • v0.1
  • VSOI-PSTV v0.2.1.1-pc (by andoryuu3, not by me, meant for the PSTV as it doesn’t have Near. If you mean to use VSOI on the PSTV, use this version)


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