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This is my website, where I'll upload any homebrew application I make and some tutorials as well. I'm also mirroring some homebrew-related stuff for multiple platforms.

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★Homebrew Software

Android: Mobile App - Mobile Application for

FE: Heroes Reset Tool - Tool to delete the FE: Heroes saved data

Simple Counter - Exactly what it says on the tin

Nintendo 3DS:

Corbenik CFW Updater: RE - Updater for Corbenik and Skeith CFW.

StarUpdater-UN - Luma3DS CFW Updater (Unofficial build)

Corbenik CFW Updater (Based on EasyRPG 3DS Updater: RE) - Updater for Corbenik CFW. Now obsolete.

EasyRPG 3DS Updater (obsolete, replaced by RE) - Updater for EasyRPG 3DS.

EasyRPG 3DS Updater: RE - Updater for EasyRPG 3DS (Updates from official Jenkins server).

RPS 3D/RTS 3D - (Rock, Paper, Scissors).

Quick Payload Switcher - Quickly renames payloads for A9LH.

Sony PlayStation Vita:

VitaShell One Click Installer for Near - Replaces Near with VitaShell. Does not work for the PSTV, as it lacks Near.

Starfield Vita - Small endless game. Runs on HENkaku.

Moon Whitelister - Whitelist patching tool for the PlayStation (Vita) TV. Runs on HENkaku.


EZGoomba Frontend - Windows, .NET-based frontend for building ROMSs with the Goomba and Goomba Color Emulators for GBA.

Lua Player Plus Builder - Windows, .NET-based VPK Builder for LPP-Vita Homebrew.

Lua Player Plus Builder Script - Windows/Linux VPK Builder Script for LPP-Vita Homebrew.

TriaAl Beatmap Studio - Windows, .NET-based Beatmap Making software for TriaAl.

Panties64 - Windows, .NET-based Base64 String Encoder/Decoder.



Nintendo 3DS:

eShop + Online Services on <=10.7 SysNAND (FrankenFirmware Method)

TI-Nspire Series:

Installing the CX CAS OS to the TI-Nspire CX (non-CAS model)

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