ArcheAge Shutdown and Natsul’s Triumph: The Definitive Collection

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ArcheAge is finally dead. The One Last Ride meme is finally dead.

After 10 years, the Korean MMORPG by XL Games is finally shutting down, at least in the regions of EU and NA.

It’s a sad day for many, but it was a live service game after all.

ArcheAge was an incredible game, sadly destroyed by years of fuck-ups. I enjoyed it for years, having started with ArcheAge: Unchained’s release in 2019.

Over the years, I’d grown to truly enjoy what ArcheAge offered and the community, however toxic. The shutdown of a game and the deletion of the thousands of hours worth of effort put into it by people is never a happy event, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect the shutdown to occur this year. Most people who still played it felt the same, but most thought the game would last the year. Sadly not the case, the termination notice would come on April 25th. Finally, the day of reckoning is upon us, and the world of Erenor has been swallowed by darkness.

So long, ArcheAge. You will be missed. Perhaps not by many, but by enough. There were those that loved it, those who hated it, and those who loved what it could’ve been. It’s over (unless of course, you decide to try the legally questionable private servers, ArcheRage, AAFree and ArcheAge Classic).

Upon the merge of ArcheAge: Unchained with Legacy in December of 2023, I released a GPT3-generated shitpost of a book entitled “Natsul’s Triumph: Chronicles of a Pink-Haired Leader”. This was a collection of very low-effort LLM-written chapters based on the events of the Ardenia ArcheAge server. I’d meant to do the same when the end of Celestia came, then release Volume 2, but since the shutdown is upon us, I decided to instead release a brand new, GPT4-generated, expanded collection, featuring both the original story’s full GPT4-rewrite, the short 26 chapter sequel featuring the events of the merged Celestia server, and finally, a media vault comprised of images sent by the EU ArcheAge community (these are often offensive, as you’d expect from ArcheAge, but they’ve been kept as is for the sake of preservation of the spirit of the game).

This release, entitled Natsul’s Triumph: The Definitive Collection is now available in both physical and digital forms through Amazon.

The magnum opus is, of course, the physical, hardcover edition. It’s the ultimate collectible from this series and features a cover designed by Flareon. 380 pages of the highest quality print Kindle Direct Publishing has to offer. An expensive shitpost, but one that I’ll definitely have on my shelf for years to come.

The second release is a cheaper alternative to this admittedly pricey yet useless piece of MMO history. It’s still not cheap, mind you, but the content is the same as the hardcover edition, with the exception of the cover and using cheaper print options to decrease production costs.

Finally, the Kindle release is available to provide an inexpensive alternative to the physical releases, and exists only for those who simply want to support this project or read the story, but do not want to drop the 30-55€ a physical copy would cost.

I leave you with the purchase links below if you’re even remotely interested in checking it out, thank you for reading this… post about a physically purchasable shitpost!

Store Links (Amazon Germany, check your local Amazon!)

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