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Author: Aurora Wright

Original Thread: GBAtemp

Original Repository: GitHub

Other Repositories: VPGS.PRO Mirror/VPGS.PRO Mirror Backup

Platform: Nintendo 3DS


Noob-proof ARM9LoaderHax installer/updater/uninstaller application. Can be used to install A9LH to any 3DS at 9.2.0 or lower, as long as the console-unique OTP.bin is available. This file can be obtained only after downgrading to 2.1.0. For the New 3DS family, OTPless A9LH installation is available (starting with SafeA9LHInstaller v2.5.1). It still requires a 9.2.0 or lower system.


SafeA9LHInstaller v2.6.7

SafeA9LHInstaller v2.6.6

SafeA9LHInstaller v2.6.4

SafeA9LHInstaller v2.6.2

SafeA9LHInstaller v2.5.1

SafeA9LHInstaller v2.0.3