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What is this wiki?

This is GS2012 Wiki. A Wiki documenting the files hosted at GS2012 Mirror.

The files hosted here are mostly related to console hacking and modding, and I (gnmmarechal) have decided to mirror all I can because links to these files die, after years. A few months ago (from the time of writing this page), big PSP homebrew repositories such as went down. QuickJump has dead links, Wololo sometimes links to more dead links.... Fortunately, not only did I download a ton of homebrew back in the PSP days, people have helped me getting files that I couldn't find. I decided then to start expanding the mirror, to host 3DS homebrew, as to prevent what happened with the PSP - dead links after years. I'll keep this site alive for as long as I can. I also do weekly backups, so if it goes down, no data will be lost and I'll do my best to re-upload it.

I'm interested in all kinds of software here. Be it homebrew software for the Nintendo 3DS, DS, Game Boy, Sony PSP.... I want it all.

~Mário Liberato, gnmmarechal. 14/11/2016


I've decided to start adding links to this website. Although I didn't want to resort to that, I am currently not willing to lose money by owning this website. I am not rich, and as a student, I don't really have that much money. If you have an issue with this and you are the owner, developer, or someone allowed to speak on the behalf of them, please do contact me directly at Anyway, although I'll add links, I will not block direct downloads to files, and I'll keep it optional.

25/06/2017 - Due to the huge amount of spam pages that were created, the wiki will be locked for administrators only to edit.


- Archival of homebrew software

- Documentation of said software (including stating the license, which currently is missing in most pages)


Keep in mind that the software documented here is not everything GS2012 Mirror has. If you can't find something, feel free to browse the mirror manually.


As you might guess, bandwidth and hosting aren't free. As such, if you wish to help this site, to keep it online in the future, please donate to this site via PayPal, by clicking the Donate button found here.