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StarUpdater is an updater for Luma3DS. This is an unofficial release of StarUpdater, containing the latest features on my own forked repository for StarUpdater.

You can find my repository here, and astronautlevel's here.

Most, if not all of the changes made to StarUpdater-UN will eventually be merged with the original StarUpdater.



Fixed screw-up by me. It's a very minor thing that doesn't affect the update function, but the backup function, due to me forgetting to rename certain variables.


Now supports two different MenuHax modes (updates /3ds/Luma3DS/Luma3DS.3dsx (1) or /boot.3dsx (2))


Compatible with MenuHax/A9LH installations fine as of Luma3DS 6.3+.


v1.5.3-UN CIA/3DSX

v1.5.2-UN CIA/3DSX

v1.5.1-UN CIA/3DSX