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★EasyRPG 3DS Updater: RE



This tool, a LUA script that runs on LPP-3DS by Rinnegatamante, is used to update EasyRPG 3DS to the

latest available version.

To refresh the server files of EasyRPG manually, press this button:



Fifth stable release.

Minor update. Only for the CIA build. Fixes minor issue.


Forth stable release.

Now also available as a CIA, can update the CIA version as well.


Third stable release.

Basic storefront is done. Build number is now fetched from Jenkins.


Second stable release.

Users are now given the choice of downloading the latest OR the latest stable build from Jenkins.

Work on an automatic game downloader & installer is being done. However, this will probably require lots of bandwidth. This may or may not come

as I have a free host. The code will be written though, if you want to host your own storefront.


First Stable release.

1.0.1 uses new code that ALWAYS downloads the latest EasyRPG-Player from Jenkins (since easyrpg-player-3ds is now merged with the official EasyRPG)

This means, whenever you update, you'll have the latest build!


Initial release, seems stable.



v2.1.0-Stable (3DSX)/v2.1.1-Stable (CIA)