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★Corbenik CFW Updater



This tool, a Lua script that runs on LPP-3DS by Rinnegatamante, is used to update Cobernik CFW to the

latest available stable or nightly version. Github Link

To refresh the server files of Skeith manually, press this button:



Mandatory update (you can use /corbenik-updater/useupdate or /skeith-updater/useupdate , or install the CIA).

Adds support to the new Unix-like directory structure.

Fixed recently found bug regarding the payload paths.

Added data migration (from old to new structure) for easy upgrades.

Added locale directory copying for ALL releases (as chaoskagami doesn't include it anymore). This should also make the updates quick.


Merged Corbenik Updater and Skeith Updater. If you only want Skeith Updater, get this release, and create a file named /skeith-updater/useupdate on your SD Card.

Fixed BGM issues, by forcing DSP. This means you'll need to dump your DSP (if you haven't already). You can use this tool to do so.

Added option to reboot console after installing the latest update.

If you want to use Skeith Updater, create a file named /corbenik-updater/useskeith on your SD card.

Added safety checks to prevent users who don't have Corbenik from using the Corbenik Updater, and users who don't have Skeith from using Skeith Updater.

Deprecated 3DSX version.

BGM Settings are shared between Corbenik/Skeith Updater.

Updating to this release through a CIA installation is HIGHLY recommended, especially if you use BGMs. It is not recommended to update via OTA to this.

(v0.5.1: PT BGM Edition) Added Portuguese Anthem as BGM. GG Portugal! GJ winning the EURO 2016!

☆v0.4.1 / v0.4.2 (Skeith)

You can auto-update the program to this version (on 0.3.3+) by creating a file named "/corbenik-updater/useupdate".

Added option to use Nightly builds. If you want to use that option, create a file named /corbenik-updater/usenightly .

Nightlies are compiled by me, and the top bar of the CFW will say ".Corbenik-UN" when you use my builds of Corbenik.

Changed unique ID to 0xA540 (Corbenik Updater).

Added 0.4.2 Skeith Updater. Skeith is the official nightly version of Corbenik (automatically built). The Skeith Updater requires Skeith to be installed prior

to launching, just like Corbenik Updater. In fact, it's almost literally the same code, with "corbenik" replaced by "skeith".

Of course, Corbenik Updater still will download my nightlies (updated every day) of Corbenik, named Corbenik-UN.

Skeith CFW Updater will eventually be merged into Corbenik CFW Updater.


You can auto-update the updater to this version (on 0.3.3+) by creating a file named "/corbenik-updater/useupdate".

Now backs up and restores the /corbenik/chain directory and the Corbenik background files (top.bin and bottom.bin).

Added BGM Edition. Might fail sometimes, and apparently, only BGM Edition works with /corbenik-updater/usebgm, and loads the built-in BGM.


You can now auto-update the updater by creating a file named "/corbenik-updater/useupdate". Supports "arm9loaderhax.bin" and "arm9loaderhax_si.bin" as default payload names.

Supports Corbenik and Corbenik without chainloader. Read the README at GitHub or included in the 3DSX.

☆v0.3.0 (NOT WORKING)

You can now auto-update the updater by creating a file named "/corbenik-updater/useupdate". (Reported not working. Will be fixed soon.)


Updater will now delete the update zip after installing it. Do not auto-update if you use this version. Install the 0.3.0 version.


Added custom banner/icon for CIA version.

Bugfixes, added the option for clean/dirty installation.


Initial release, seems stable.


v0.6.0 CIA/v0.6.0 BGM Edition CIA

v0.5.0 CIA/v0.5.0 BGM Edition CIA/v0.5.1 PT BGM Edition CIA

v0.4.1 3DSX

v0.4.1 CIA / v0.4.1 BGM Edition CIA / v0.4.2 Skeith Updater CIA ( / v0.4.2 Skeith Updater CIA (No :())

v0.3.6 3DSX

v0.3.6 CIA/v0.3.6 BGM Edition CIA

v0.3.3 3DSX

v0.3.3 CIA

v0.3.0 3DSX

v0.3.0 CIA

v0.2.3 3DSX

v0.2.3 CIA

v0.2.2 3DSX

v0.2.2 CIA

v0.1.0 3DSX

v0.1.0 CIA