GS2012 Homebrew Services (Conditions)

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★Services I provide free of charge:

☆3DS Downgrading (10.7 or lower firmware, EUR)

☆3DS Entrypoint Installation

☆3DS A9LH + CFW Installation

☆3DS A9LH + EmuNAND + CFW Installation

☆PSP Infinity FW + LCFW Installation (PSP E-1000 won't work)

☆PSP LCFW Installation/Compatible PSP-1000/2000 CFW Installation


I provide these services at no cost, save for shipping costs (you pay for them).

If you want tracking, you have to say it yourself and PAY for it. I will not ship back before you pay the cost.

I live in Portugal (currently in Aveiro). I can take any console from anywhere, but please understand that international shipping is not very cheap.

Before downgrading/modifying any console, I would like to format it. Formatting prior to messing with it greatly reduces the chance of a brick.

If you understand the risk and still do not want me to format, please say that, and state that you acknowledge the increased risk.

If the console bricks (it *could* happen in theory, I suppose), you will not blame me. It's up to you to take me on this service I provide free of charge.

If you want me to install an entrypoint to a cartridge, you MUST ship me the cartridge (obvious, no?). Also, you'll need to send me a cartridge that supports an entrypoint if your console is not European, and looking for a downgrade.

If you agree with these terms and still wish to continue, please contact me at Reddit (/u/gnmpolicemata) or E-mail (